30 Days of Ramadan goodness

I got a major dose of Ramadan inspiration when I came across this website. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala put barakah in the amazing work this sister does and may her awesome idea spread far and wide and may it all be counted for her as good deeds. I pray that her life and the life of her family is enriched by the good they spread. Because really, isn’t this what we want to teach our children? Isn’t this the effect we want Islam to have on their lives? That it should motivate them to spread good and make the world a better place.


Photo credit: rabiadin.com

I put a lot of effort into Crafts that relate to Islam and especially Ramadan, because kids are so creative and love making things and it’s such an effective way to teach them Islam (or anything really). I believe that it is important for us to mark the month of Ramadan with festivity and celebration and that includes, crafts and gift and decorations, but what this sister is doing is the true spirit of Ramadan and I believe that is far more important to show our kids.

Head over to 30 Days of Ramadan GOODness, to get some inspiration of your own and some great ideas to get your kids engaged this Ramadan.


Ramadan Fasting Calendar for Kids

This is a simple calendar for kids who are starting to fast. Encourage kids to set a fasting goal. for eg. weekends or 10 days or half of Ramadan. Colour in the stars or use stickers to mark the days they fast. Consider preparing a gift for when they reach their goal.


This calendar is free for personal use. You can download it here: Ramadan-Calendar-2016

Ramadan Craft: Masjid Sadaqa Box

Most of the kids I’ve worked with love making stuff out of cardboard. A couple of years ago we made a full scale model of AlMasjid AlHaram during a Summer Art Workshop and the kids really enjoyed it. The only downside was no one got to take their craft home, and the Musallah where I left it didn’t take care of it.

I wanted to try to make something similar but smaller, so that each kid would have their own individual piece.

This craft is fun to make and also functional. It’s designed to be used as a Sadaqa box and as it was Ramadan, we had a great discussion in class about giving charity and the generosity of the messenger sallaAllahu allahi wasallam during Ramadan. I also asked:¬†what can you give if you don’t have money? So we talked about alternatives sadaqas, like a smile, a good word, helping someone..etc. Continue reading