Ramadan Craft: Clay Lanterns


It was Mums’ turn on Monday for some Art and Craft, during the playgroup we made air-dry clay lanterns for Ramadan.

This simple clay lantern is so easy to make, but looks really nice when lit up.

A word of warning, not all air-dry clay is suitable for use with real candles, I’m using a led tea light and would advise you to check the instructions on the packet of the clay you buy.

Roll out the clay into a long rectangle. Cut out a circular shape for the bottom, and a rectangle for the body. I used a glass jar as a guide.


Using a skewer make holes in the rectangle of clay to make a design. you need to make sure they are big enough to let light through.


Set a glass jar up-side-down on the table, wrap the rectangle around it and join the ends to make a tube of clay.

Place the circle on top and join the long end of the rectangle to the circle. Thus forming a bottom for the tube.

The clay should now be the same shape as the glass jar. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of all the steps.

Remember to make the clay larger than the glass jar, don’t mold it onto the glass.

You can use some wax paper between the clay and the jar to make sure it doesn’t stick.

Gently slide the glass jar out of the clay jar. The clay will shrink a bit as it dries, if you leave the jar in, you won’t be able to get it out. If your clay isn’t holding it’s shape, roll the wax paper into a ball and place it inside. Let the clay dry for 48 hours or follow the instructions on your clay packet.


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