Stories of the Prophets: Crafts for Muslim Kids

Stories of the Prophet Crafts for Muslim Kids-IA4K

If you do a search for “stories of the prophet crafts” you’ll turn up a lot of results for church activities or bible crafts. While there is inspiration to be found in these creative ideas they are usually unsuitable for Muslims for 2 reasons:

  1. The bible versions of the stories of the prophet (peace be upon them all) are distorted to varying degrees.
  2. They depict (draw, paint, create) the image of the prophet himself, which we refrain from doing in Islam.

We need to find engaging ways to tell these stories to young children and we need to choose wisely when picking a story and how we tell it.

My solution of course is Art and Craft!

One summer I wanted to put together a series of crafts for our Summer Holiday Art and Craft workshops. The craft didn’t have to “tell” the story just be related in some way that would enable a discussion of the story and some of the lessons in it. I also wanted the kids to have the chance to use a variety of different media, techniques and develop new skills.





Here are of the crafts I came up with, I will be adding tutorials for some of them soon.

Do you have ideas and crafts for teaching the stories of the prophets? I’m always on the hunt for inspiring ideas so please share in the comments below!


Check out the tutorial for the story of Prophet Yunus AS. and Prophet Musa AS


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