Stories of the Prophets Crafts: Nuh AS

Prophet Nuh AS Craft-Islamic Art for Kids blog

Are you wondering how Aboriginal dot paintings relate to the story of Nuh AS?

Nuh AS built a giant ship to carry all of the believers to safety and he took with him a pair of every animal, bird and insect. The scholars tell us that during the flood the entire earth was submerged and so every animal that exists today would have been on the ark with Nuh AS.  When the storm ended and the water subsided Nuh AS released the animals and they scattered on the earth. Some of those animals ended up here in Australia and nowhere else.

In class everyone chose an Australian animal, I showed them how to draw them then we made aboriginal inspired dot paintings. I can’t claim any expertise at all with dot paintings, I printed out examples from the internet to give the kids inspiration and they all chose the style and colours they liked.

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5 Fun and Easy Ramadan Lantern Crafts

5 Ramadan Lantern Crafts islamicartforkids (1)

I love lanterns! All kinds, shapes and sizes. I love the conziness they create and the link to Ramadans past and generations of Muslims who lit their own lanterns in anticipation of the coming month. Lanterns are one of the most popular Ramadan decorations and probably one of the oldest Ramadan traditions.

Today I’ve put together 5 fun and easy lantern crafts to try this Ramadan. I specifically chose crafts that require a minimum involvement of parents, minimum craft supplies and minimum expense. Basically set out the supplies and your kid(s) can manage on their own.

Here we go:

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The Little Green Drum-The awesome Ramadan book you’ve never heard of.

Little green drum- Ramadan Book

The Little Green Drum, Ramadan book review

There’s been a bit of a revolution in Muslim children’s books in recent years. I’m often pleasantly surprised to by a new discovery on pinterest or amazon. Nowadays there are so many original stories, relatable characters and charming illustrations Alhamdulillah.

When it comes to books about Ramadan, I feel like I see the same books (all great ones) in reviews or reading lists year after year, so I was intrigued when a search of my local library turned up “The little Green Drum”. I was instantly drawn to the bright colourful illustrations and the story itself is just as good.

This book isn’t contemporary, it doesn’t reflect the lives of Muslims during Ramadan today. It’s a nostalgic tale about community and the magic of Ramadan in a time long before the internet and apps, when the “Mu’athin” called the prayer and the “Musaharati” woke everyone up in time to eat.

Little green drum 2

Anyone who has experienced Ramadan in the Arab world will have come across the Musaharati or as he is called in this book;  The “dawn waker-uper” 🙂 beating his drum in the predawn hours of Ramadan to wake everyone up for Suhoor.

The story is set in Palestine and I believe was originally written in Arabic (although I haven’t found a source) which makes it even more fantastic! I’ve so rarely found good children’s books in translation.

Little green drum 4

The heroine of this story is Samia, whose dad is the “dawn waker-uper” of the town. On the first day of Ramadan, Samia’s dad is too sick to go out so Samia decides to take his place. She picks up the little green drum and off she goes with her little dog by her side and friends to help along the way.

Little green drum 3

This book is part of the Early Reader series and is meant for kids starting to read on their own but with a parent reading it is suitable (and fun) for kids as young as 3.

I’ve gifted this book to several children in the family and they all loved it. You can find it at Amazon or The book depository.

For a list of great Ramadan books check out this list at The Muslimah Guide.

Have a favourite Ramadan Book for kids? Share in the comments!



Craft tutorial: Story of Prophet Musa A.S

Prophet Musa AS Craft-Islamic Art for Kids

Musa Alayhis-Salam was born in ancient Egypt where the pharaohs lived. They lived thousands of years ago and built the pyramids. We are going to create a landscape of ancient Egypt.

In class we looked at pictures or drawings of the pharaohs, and what Egypt might have looked like thousands of years ago when Musa AS was alive.

I used this reference image.

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Craft Tutorial: Story of Prophet Yunus AS


Prophet Yunus AS Craft-Islamic Art for Kids



This craft is based on the story of the prophet Yunus (Jonah)  AlayhisSalam who was swallowed by a giant fish or whale.

In class I always start with a simplified version of the story but don’t tell the whole thing, so when I get to the part where Yunus AlayhisSlam is stuck inside the whale, I promise to tell them how he got out after we finish our craft. That way I have avid listeners at the end when I need them to quite down.

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Stories of the Prophets: Crafts for Muslim Kids

Stories of the Prophet Crafts for Muslim Kids-IA4K

If you do a search for “stories of the prophet crafts” you’ll turn up a lot of results for church activities or bible crafts. While there is inspiration to be found in these creative ideas they are usually unsuitable for Muslims for 2 reasons:

  1. The bible versions of the stories of the prophet (peace be upon them all) are distorted to varying degrees.
  2. They depict (draw, paint, create) the image of the prophet himself, which we refrain from doing in Islam.

We need to find engaging ways to tell these stories to young children and we need to choose wisely when picking a story and how we tell it.

My solution of course is Art and Craft!

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Islamic Tiles: Geometric Art for Kids

Islamic geometric tiles-Islamic Art for Kids

Jame Mosque, Yazd, Iran. Photo by elishka

Geometric Art is undoubtedly the most prevalent and well known forms of Islamic Art. In fact when you think of Islamic art the intricate tile work on Mosques and other prominent buildings are probably what first come to mind.

Geometric Artwork usually consists of concentric and intertwined stars and polygons and creating the design is a complex mathematical process. This is a simplified version of an 8 pointed star.

What you’ll need:

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